I really enjoy being in MSK with helpful and respectful women.  I enjoyed the breakfast and conversations we've had together as a group talking about positive things.  Being with different women I didn't know actually felt good because we can talk about our differences and different things we do.  After getting together for the first time it made me want to be in the group and come out with the ladies more~Taleah

Charlotte is a incredible woman. Her actions are a reflection of what life is about; changing the lives of young people by offering them hope, love,  and a sense of identity. I admire her passion, as she has inspired  me to reach out into my own backyard to find ways to support others. Thank you Charlotte for being a change agent in the community! May you continue to promote positive change in the lives of our young girls. 

~Glenda Bundy

Time Mind Life Heath and Wellness Coaching

Charlotte anything for you. You never cease to amaze me. Whether it’s the guns down initiative or finding ways to reach out to our girls, you just care and instead of just complaining you always do something about it.  I wish there were so many others like you out there who not only care but do something about it.  Glad I could help~Brian Moore

I want to be apart of the program because the young women that are helping us...keep us out of trouble and on track.  The program is great. I like how Mrs. Lacy and other females are taking time out of their day to help me and other young teens. I'm thankful for this program, it's really helping me change my life around and I want to thank everyone for that~Ca'Nita

I am blessed and honored to be a part of I Am My Sister's Keeper (MSK).  I am happy that I can be surrounded by people that have been where I am and can help me get pass the stages that I am struggling with.  I just wanna thank Mrs. Lacy for coming up with this wonderful group and I want to also thank all the volunteers and Ms. Melody for helping Mrs. Lacy live her dream.  And it is a blessing to be here and learn how to become a successful young lady.  And be something in life other than a single mom with a bunch of kids with no job to help raise them~Ronnell

Mrs. Lacy,

Today was fabulous. Thanks for inviting me to share my story. I hope the girls benefit as a result of hearing from us.  Life has it's many challenges, but we are persevering and modeling what it looks like to stand tall in the midst of it all.  What I loved most about today was how you've trained the girls to speak out and ask questions. Being assertive and communicating effectively are such important life skills.  The love you have for the girls and your team is beautiful.  Thanks again for the opportunity.


Heather Townsend



Dear Charlotte, Melody and IAMSK team: We want to express our sincere gratitude for the awesome work you are doing with the young ladies of IAMSK. In a short time, we have seen tremendous improvement with our daughter, Ronnell. She has taken on a new attitude towards her future and her self-confidence and self-esteem is progressing in a positive manner. Her grades have significantly improved during this third marking period and we owe thanks to you for always being supportive and encouraging Ronnell to excel. We are thankful for the added value you implement in your mentoring and guidance for our daughter. Ronnell is certainly blooming into a confident, focused and determined young lady. It truly takes a village and we are proud to have IAMSK included in our village!!! We pray God’s continued blessings upon IAMSK. Thank you for your love, support and care for our daughter.

~Pastor & Lady Martin

I Am My Sister’s Keeper has truly enhanced my daughters life and mine as well. This organization lives up to its meaning of empowering women and girls.  My daughter joined the group one year ago at age 12 after being a member of a Girl Scout troup for years. I wanted more for her and I needed her to be part of a group that would deposit something into her life. After hearing about MSK through social media and a close friend I decided to give it a try and introduce my daughter to another experience in life. In this last year my daughter, Jayla has found this group of girls to be more than just a weekly engagement, she thinks of these girls as true friends and she enjoys her time with MSK. Although she is still learning how to open up more and learn more about her inner self; MSK has been a huge part of helping my daughter learn more about who she is as an individual. My Sister’s Keeper has lived up to its mission to empower,challenge and uplift these young girls. I found the group inspiring on day one when we came to register and I was able to witness the testimonies of girls who had been a part of MSK.  Their testimonies brought tears to my eyes- hearing how this group of woman and girls made changes to their own lives. My daughter and I look forward to this upcoming year with MSK.~Tiffany Lewis

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